Tong Dung

Founder, Chairman of the Board


Dung Tong is currently the founder of Hapyc Inc. He began his career in 2013 with the opening of toiyeupatin.com – one of the pioneers in Vietnamese Inline Skate business. In 2016, his start-up projects expanded to Amazing – the company that started from a 10m2 room, after 4 years of establishment and development, to become Hapyc Inc with a larger scale and higher level of professionalism. Hapyc Inc’s noble desire and mission is to create the highest quality products and to bring them to some of the biggest and most difficult markets around the world.

Thuy Linh

Board Director


Regarding the current working environment, Hapyc is a place where I can freely express myself in any fields, where I can stay true to my own emotions. Hapyc nurtures not only my ability but also the mind and heart I put in my works. More than just a place called company, Hapyc truly is my family. I’ve always considered my goal to become a good, helpful and mindful employee.

Thanh Xuan

Board Director


Being able to experience and meet with many American clients at Hapyc has brought me many valuable experiences. In both my work and personal life, I always believe in doing everything with sincerity. It’s been a great journey with Hapyc, where the sincerity is nurtured with the motto “Work From The Heart” – To work earnestly so that customers can have the best experience possible.