Our Mission

Inspire creativity,

enrich life.


HapycStyle is fundamental to corporate culture at Hapyc and represents the principles we uphold as employees.

Aim for the hightest

Raise the bar. Wait for bigger gains.
Find the best solutions by widening your perspective.
Be attentive. Distill ideas down to their fundamental truths.
Keep learning and growing.

Be Grounded & Courageous

Make your own discoveries. Dive deep into facts.
Stay level-headed. Focus on impact.
Assume ownership, take risks, break the mold.
Rapid iterations, multiple possibilities.

Be Open & Humble

Trust yourself, trust each other.
Be willing to offer and ask for help. Collaboration creates value.
Approach problems with the big picture in mind.
Be mindful and check your ego; stay open to different ideas.

Be Candid & Clear

Dare to share your honest opinions.
It’s okay to make mistakes. Own it when you do.
Stick to the facts, identify issues, and avoid "leader-pleasing."
Be accurate and forthright; be methodical and focused.

Always Day 1

Take initiative and push boundaries — there is no task too big or too small.
Be resilient. Face reality and change it.
Embrace change as an opportunity. Thrive in it.
Always think like Day 1.

Champion Diversity & Inclusion

Be tenacious in making sure that the diversity of the world is reflected in your team.
Welcome people as they are, value uniqueness, and bring out potential.
Encourage participation from everyone. Seek out views that challenge your own to create mutual respect and true appreciation of differences.
Be a champion of inclusion and foster a welcoming workplace.

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Tong Dung

Founder, Chairman of the Board


Dung Tong is currently the founder of Hapyc Inc. He began his career in 2013 with the opening of toiyeupatin.com – one of the pioneers in Vietnamese Inline Skate business. In 2016, his start-up projects expanded to Amazing – the company that started from a 10m2 room, after 4 years of establishment and development, to become Hapyc Inc with a larger scale and higher level of professionalism. Hapyc Inc’s noble desire and mission is to create the highest quality products and to bring them to some of the biggest and most difficult markets around the world.

Thuy Linh

Board Director

Thanh Xuan

Board Director

Corporate Structure

For illustration purposes, this corporate chart only disclosed main operating entities of Hapyc Inc as of Dec 31,2020


With products available in over 150 markets, we have offices in 3 cities, including Hanoi, Hongkong, New york. As of November 2020, Hapyc Inc has over 100 employees and 4 research and development centers around the globe.


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